Black Ops 3 Service Sale

Hello there,

We’ve started our Black Ops 3 Service Sale, all Black Ops 3 services are now on sale till 15th November.


We now accept PayPal payments

Hello there,

As requested by a large amount of customers, we now accept PayPal payments.

This is on a trial basis and all orders will need to be verified after purchase and delivery of orders will go only directly to the used PayPal account email.

After purchasing, we will contact you within 24 hours to verify your order and then begin processing it.


Weekend Sale #3

It’s time for weekend sale no. 3,

This weekend we’ve reduced all Black Ops 3 services EXTENSIVELY.

This sale will last till 14th October.

Buy while you can.

Discount Code for all!

Hello all,

It’s the end of Summer, but we’re always looking to give people the best deal possible which is why we’re giving all customers (new and old) 6% off all purchases for a limited time.

Use code: 6off

At checkout by 12th September to gain 6% off your total purchase.

Black Ops 3 Liquid Divinium Services

Hello all,

Today we’ve launched our Black Ops 3 liquid divinium recovery services, these services are done on your own accounts.

We sell liquid divinium in 500 bundles, you won’t get banned or reset due to this service and we’ve been testing this service out for a few weeks.

These services can be done on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Both services are on sale for a limited time.

For Xbox One Liquid Divinium services:

Black Ops 3: 500 Liquid Divinium Zombies Recovery Service [XBOX]

For PlayStation 4 Liquid Divinium services:

Black Ops 3: 500 Liquid Divinium Zombies Recovery Service [PS4]

All services will be complete within 2-3 working days (excluding weekends) but most likely will be done within 12 hours of purchase.

Mass Summer Sale

Summer is here and so is our next sale.

All products have been reduced, and we mean all! For a limited time while stock lasts!

This is our biggest sale to date!

Take a look at all our services from Black Ops 3 modded accounts for PS4, to Black Ops 2 Xbox 360 and Xbox one modded accounts!

Everything is on SALE!

Summer Sale

We’ve rarely made any update posts recently, we’ve been busy.

We’d like to introduce our Summer Sale, for the second time in our lifetime.

Lasting for only a few weeks, we’ve put on the best sale yet on our site.

From MWR Duplication services at such low prices to Infinite Warfare Duplication services, both of which reduced.


We’ve also restocked and reduced the Black Ops 3 Master Prestige Level 640 Service

All our GTA V services have been reduced and so have our Call of Duty services from Godmode accounts for Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 to modded levels on Black Ops 2.

Check out our store and our sale today, while stock lasts!

New Modern Warfare Remastered Duplication Glitch Services!

The team are back and better then ever! We’ve got Modern Warfare Remastered (MWR) services! These are duplication glitch services which are highly anticipated and just god damn amazing!
We’re selling them for a limited time at the best price you’ll find online!

These services include legit stats, legit leaderboard stats, exclusion camo for all guns and also regal camo for all guns! Just take a look.
And do you know what’s even better? The fact that there is an extremely low chance of being reset or banned! Get yours while you can!

Here’s some proof!
We’ve censored out the PSN for safety reasons.

Before –

After we worked our magic –

Interested in purchasing? Check it out in our store! here

Where have we been?

Hey! So we’ve kinda been busy through the last week or two, we’ll be back in the next week or so.
Payment Processors are still down but, we’re working on it!